A Story from a Friend

My friends, Mr. and Mrs. Alpha (who have four children under the age of 7, including a newborn), invited Mr. & Mrs. Beta (who have five children of approximately the same age) to spend a long weekend with them. This made a total of 13 souls in a single home! 13!

Then, one of the Beta children becomes sick….you know where this is going. Before the end of the visit, each member of each family succumbs to a nasty stomach virus – which lasts for days.

Excluding the fathers.

How DID Mr. Alpha and Mr. Beta get so lucky? The mind boggles.

California Dreamin’

This time every year I start longing for Northern California. I can smell eucalyptus & redwood when I close my eyes. Taste my favorite meals, and hear the laughter of loved ones in my ears. It’s funny to know what season it is by memories composed entirely from the senses. Wild.

We take off in a couple of days to spend a long weekend with my in-laws. And I couldn’t be more excited.

But something important has changed this year. The owner of our favorite restaurant retired this summer. We’re hoping that he sold the place to someone who loved it as much as we do, but it just won’t be the same. It’s a little sadness but I’m hopeful we’ll find a new favorite while we’re there.

Nonetheless, I can hardly wait! Beautiful California, here we come!

Seen This Weekend

At the grocery store: a Mom with her boy. In a towel tied round his neck and her eye mask on his face. Superhero in training.

At church after service: a father and his young daughter, who plucked a sunflower seed from the floor. And put it in her mouth. Because sunflower seeds are yummy.