Haiku for Someone Special

Such wonder in life
Pressing flowers in my mind
Under foreign skies


Yesterday was the handsome one’s birthday. And he had to work. (bummer)

It’s hard not to feel like a slouch when I’ve done nothing amazing for him on his day. Compared to him taking me on a trip every year for my day. So, in the very near future, we’re going to the beach for a few days. Just him and me, with the sand, surf and sun.

There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the waves, and nothing relaxes him like sleeping out of doors near the water. I can hardly wait to enjoy some rest with him. He needs it more than words can express.

The ocean heals the soul and restores the mind. Thank You, God, for creating the seas and for blessing my life with the beautiful man who married me.

More Winds of Change

So my baby sister is growing up. She’s turning 30 (teeheehee) in a couple weeks. Welcome to the club, Le.

She just started her blog, so be sure to check back for more fun stories about her children. I thought I might share a few things about her adorable munchkins:

Ethan is the eldest. He was born too early, and spent the first few months of his life in Neonatal ICU. Kind of a scary place for a little guy. I am priviledged that my dear sister allowed me to kangaroo him. How sweet is that? To this day, he is still cuddly. He’s also introspective and sensitive. He is a lot like me, which is why he’s my favorite. He’s going to be a good husband and father one day.

Elijah is her second son, and he is my favorite. This guy is a tank. Everytime I see him, he barrels toward me at full speed and nearly knocks me down with his great big hugs. He’s charming and funny. And one day, he’s going to be a good husband and father.

Melody Joy is the third child and first daughter. She is adorable and everything a girl should be. Too cute for words. At two, she already understands the importance of shoe-shopping and a fashionable handbag. I love it when she’s over-tired and crashes on my shoulder – thinking that I’ll save her from having to take a nap. That’s why she’s my favorite, and why one day, she’ll be a wonderful wife and mother.

Levi is the newest, and at three and a half months, he’s already my favorite. He’s a big boy who loves to laugh – especially at his siblings. He loves the attention he receives, and he loves giving the attention back. I think, he’ll be a good husband and father when he grows up.

I absolutely adore these kids. And, I adore their Mom. Happy (early) Birthday, Leah!

Winds of Change

Our life has been pretty crazy these past few weeks, with promise to maintain the insanity for at least a while longer. In the midst of all that we’re working on, my husband was in an accident this weekend.

He’s ok, just shaken. But our one and only car appears to be totalled. The car is just a thing – it can be replaced. But the handsome one is heartbroken that he has a ticket, we have to replace a vehicle, that we can’t afford it right now. My heart aches that he is hurting so.

In the end, only one thing matters. He’s not hurt. I am so thankful.

Real Time with Bill Maher

Ok, so I cannot stand this show. Simply cannot stand it. And generally, his panelists are vitriolic and trite.

But (you knew there was a but in here didn’t you?). But, on his show tonight, his liberal panelists ganged up against him in defense of religious people. I was aghast. His comments about all religion being false (though his language was somewhat stronger) set a fire under a couple of guys I never expected to have a spiritual bone in their bodies.

They refused to allow him to generalize religious people as stupid and violent. How surprising…and refreshing.

Fun with Melody Joy

Children have an amazing capacity to create their own fun. Melody Joy in particular is well blessed with this talent. A couple weeks ago, she passed ten minutes playing with a door stop. You know, the kind with the spring attached to the baseboard. Yeah, that one. Sproing! For ten minutes!

Anyway, this weekend, while at my sister’s house. Melody decided that she and I would play a little game. I fastened the velcro on her shoes. She unfastened the velcro. Back and forth, on and on. Anway, after about five minutes, I thought switching the straps would be funny. I attached the left strap to the right shoe and the right strap to the left shoe, fully expecting our little game to continue.

Apparently she had other plans. She turned to walk away. I CANNOT believe this. She fell on her face. My poor, sweet, darling little niece bit the dust. AND IT WAS MY FAULT!

And I laughed! (See, this is the kind of person you read. Aren’t you proud?) I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe – I couldn’t stop. And Melody Joy thought it must have been funny, because she laughed too.

One day, I will pay for laughing like this.

Weekend Recap

On Friday, we broke ground – my sister even sang the National Anthem. She rocked downtown Conroe. Afterward, we walked a couple blocks to the party where a good time was had by all. Then, the four of us (hubby, in-laws, and yours truly) stayed out late, had dinner at midnight, and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

On Saturday, I hung out with my sister and her adorable children. L & I went to lunch and walked around the mall, enjoying a Gloria Jeans frozen coffee and each others company.

On Sunday, we slept in, had lunch with my folks, and then came home earlier than we normally do.

What a great weekend!