More Winds of Change

So my baby sister is growing up. She’s turning 30 (teeheehee) in a couple weeks. Welcome to the club, Le.

She just started her blog, so be sure to check back for more fun stories about her children. I thought I might share a few things about her adorable munchkins:

Ethan is the eldest. He was born too early, and spent the first few months of his life in Neonatal ICU. Kind of a scary place for a little guy. I am priviledged that my dear sister allowed me to kangaroo him. How sweet is that? To this day, he is still cuddly. He’s also introspective and sensitive. He is a lot like me, which is why he’s my favorite. He’s going to be a good husband and father one day.

Elijah is her second son, and he is my favorite. This guy is a tank. Everytime I see him, he barrels toward me at full speed and nearly knocks me down with his great big hugs. He’s charming and funny. And one day, he’s going to be a good husband and father.

Melody Joy is the third child and first daughter. She is adorable and everything a girl should be. Too cute for words. At two, she already understands the importance of shoe-shopping and a fashionable handbag. I love it when she’s over-tired and crashes on my shoulder – thinking that I’ll save her from having to take a nap. That’s why she’s my favorite, and why one day, she’ll be a wonderful wife and mother.

Levi is the newest, and at three and a half months, he’s already my favorite. He’s a big boy who loves to laugh – especially at his siblings. He loves the attention he receives, and he loves giving the attention back. I think, he’ll be a good husband and father when he grows up.

I absolutely adore these kids. And, I adore their Mom. Happy (early) Birthday, Leah!

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