Letting Go

This morning I resigned from assistant teaching my Bible Study class, which was harder than it sounds. I helped to write the curriculum. I’ve spent three years with my friend and partner working in this class and on the text. We’ve seen hundreds of women connect to birth new friendships. But Jan was so kind and only concerned for my well-being. She is one of the most amazing women I know.

It is bittersweet because I know that to take hold of another blessing, I have to let go of this one. A major decision has been made which will change our lives. But before we can move forward, Handsome and I have to release some obligations and some joys. With both laughter and tears.

Soul Weary

A week ago Wednesday night, I sat on Leanne’s back patio talking about all the changes taking place in our lives. We were celebrating good news and rejoicing in the good fortune that we are friends. She is one of my dearest friends, and I love her to pieces.

Last night, I sat on the end of her hospital bed, and we would rather have been anywhere else in the world. She woke early Tuesday morning in excruciating pain, which was determined to be a soft-ball sized tumor on her one remaining ovary. At 8am this morning, she had her third surgery in four years to fight this demon – Ovarian Cancer. Please God, let this be the last time.

Anyway, to lighten the mood last night, we told jokes and silly stories – anything to keep us laughing instead of crying. And Leanne and I made up a Haiku about Golytle. For the uninitiated – google it, and please forgive us. snicker

I drank and I drank
Golytle is not my friend
I stank and I stank


More Bamboo Than You Could Shake a Stick At

So Handsome and I spent a long weekend at the coast. The beach was perfect, but you could see the damage caused by Hurricane Rita. The coastline was covered with bamboo sticks – I’ve never seen so many before. They made great firewood; we used them every night!

The weather was perfect, and the water was cool. The handsome one photographed the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, an anniversary gift just for us. He swam, I read, and we stayed up late talking by the camp fire. He brought me seashells; I brought him lunch. We watched the sun set every evening and then watched the stars come out as the tide rolled in.

The moon looked like a little sailboat chasing after the evening star, and we could see the reflection of Orion in the surf. We planned and dreamed and hoped. My best friend is my lover, my husband, my joy.

Hey Little Lizard

Our new entertainment center was delivered this morning and installed in the niche of our upstairs gameroom. Much to the astonishment of the delivery guy, who asked the handsome one four times if he was absolutely sure the niche was big enough to fit the new furniture.

“Yes. My wife measured it twice. It better fit.”

And indeed it does. And Handsome One presented it to me this evening with so much glee. He was like a kid at Christmas.

If we ever move, we’ll have to base our search on whether or not there is a perfect place for the entertaiment center. *giggle*

As a side note, I had to re-adjust some of the shelving. Which requires the removal and re-placement of small shelf supporters. You know the ones. They fit into those little pre-drilled holes. The pre-drilled holes that were pre-drilled a liitle too small. Nothing a few gentle hammer taps can’t handle. But still….