Not Funny

There hasn’t been much laughter in my life the past few weeks, and I realize that this dearth of humor is coloring the way I look at the world. It’s like gray-colored glasses, making the world lifeless and dull to my eyes.

But last night at the grocery store, I was in line behind a family with four boys – all under age 5 or 6. And they were acting like boys, much to their mother’s chagrine. So I made faces at them. And I laughed.

Here’s what’s really sad. A few minutes worth of comedy wasn’t enough to lift the fog. And that’s not funny.

One thought on “Not Funny

  1. I absolutely feel that pain. That emptiness it seems surrounds my every thought. I am praying for you. I feel the distance, and I pray your return is soon. God knows I need you.

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