I Got Tagged!

Lucy tagged me today, and I’m as giddy as a school girl. Because you know what this means? It means someone reads me! Yippee!

So here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1) Account Executive – technology sales to education customers. I love this job and the company I work for.
2) Business Development Manger – more sales. Loved the job but learned to hate the company.
3) Mathematics Tutor – for three years during college. Had too much fun doing this. And now you know what a nerd I really am.
4) Walmart Cashier – not much fun. But I met my mother-in-law here. It was an arranged marriage. That’s another story for another day. snicker

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over
1) Pride & Prejudice (the A&E mini-series) – not strictly a movie, but I’m counting it.
2) Pirates of the Caribbean – the year it came out on DVD, we gave it to half a dozen people for Christmas. Love it.
3) The Princess Bride – almost as quotable as Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
4) My Fair Lady – this movie inspired me in high school. I watch it whenever I need a pick-me-up and whenever it’s on TV.

Four Three Places I’ve Lived
1) Austin, TX – moved here with Handsome after college.
2) Brownwood, TX – college living. Don’t care to ever go back.
3) Conroe, TX – lived in the same house until I left for college, across the street from my grandparents, at the end of a dirt road.

Four TV Shows I Watch
1) Friends – I got stuck on this one in college. My girlfriends are bad influences.
2) Seinfeld – I was able to get Handsome addicted to this one. I am a bad influence. hehehe
3) Star Trek reruns – I like TNG & Voyager best, but I’ll watch any of them. Again with the nerdy behavior.
4) Millennium (on DVD) – this show only lasted three seasons, but it haunts me. Handsome is a bad influence!

Four Books I Read
1) Pride & Prejudice – see also Movies I Watch Over and Over
2) Lord of the Rings – more evidence that I am a nerd.
3) Harry Potter – this is a new addiction, but these are such engrossing, entertaining stories. Can’t wait for #7.
4) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – all of them. Crazy and funny.

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation
1) Paris, France (twice) – I want to go back!
2) South Padre Island, Texas (many times) – Handsome introduced me to this beautiful Texas beach, and we try to get back every year.
3) San Francisco, California – We have family here, and Handsome has taken me here every year for my birthday.
4) Grand Cayman Island – I could swim in those waters forever.

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1) Still Alive Momma – go sis!
2) Testosterhome
3) Lucy’s Island
4) K’s Cafe

Four Favorite Foods
1) Chocolate anything
2) Pan-seared sea scallops in white wine butter sauce
3) Homemade salsa with Tia Rosa extra thin corn chips
4) French fries

Four Places I’d Like To Be Right Now
1) With Handsome (I’m on a business trip)
2) With Handsome at the beach
3) With Handsome in Paris
4) With Handsome on a cruise

Four Boggers I’m Tagging
I can’t complete this one, because all my favorites already got tagged. Again with the nerdiness!

5 thoughts on “I Got Tagged!

  1. You’ll have at least one more reader shortly, although he’s a lurker. Even on my blog he only lurks. Last night I mentioned the below post about the faces in the checkoutline and he laughed so hard he almost had to pull off the road!

  2. C’mon, Brownwood wasn’t all bad, you had the brownness and the woodsiness and … well … that was about all, wasn’t it?Good to hear from you!Jeff

  3. Hey Jeff,Thanks for dropping by. Nah, Brownwood wasn’t all bad; I have fond memories from those days. But, I still wouldn’t want to go back. Would you?Beautiful family by the way! Congrats!

  4. Yeah — it’s a great place for college because you have to be creative in your pursuits. :] Like you, though, i couldn’t imagine going back there now. That’s actually a good perspective for living in San Antonio. I wasn’t at all fond of it when we moved here from Austin/Round Rock, but it’s better than Brownwood. :]

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