Fun & Games

I enjoy Orisinal games. I think you and your children will too.

Have fun!

National "She’s Funny That Way" Day

Seriously. It’s this Friday, March 31st. Perhaps ya’ll will share some ways that the women you know and love are “funny that way.”

So, here we go:

I wash my hands. A lot. Because I don’t like the feel of my hands being dirty – even if they really aren’t. Sometimes, I wash them twice. I’m funny that way.

When I eat chips, I eat the smallest ones first. Because I like to save the best (and biggest) for last. I’m funny that way.

I like to eat green vegetables for breakfast. Broccoli, spinach, green beans, peas, or zucchini, usually with chicken or tuna or eggs. I’m funny that way.

I file my emails as soon as possible after reading them because I don’t like more than a few messages IN my inbox. I’m funny that way.

I dislike the texture of peanut butter, hot fudge, and marshmallow cream, but I like the taste of them. They’re usually ok if they’re hiding in something else like cookies, but never on or in ice cream. I’m funny that way.

In Which God Laughs and Laughs

The problem of prime numbers, particularly the ability to prove the Reimann Hypothesis, has driven many mathematicians to distraction. (That’s a polite way of saying that mathematicians are a little nuts.)

Anyway, I found this article highly interesting. Here is the money quote:

“It would also prove to be significant in confirming the connection between primes and quantum physics. Using the connection, Keating and Snaith not only explained why the answer to life, the universe and the third moment of the Riemann zeta function should be 42, but also provided a formula to predict all the numbers in the sequence.”

Mathematics meets Science Fiction! Sometimes I think God loves a good practical joke.

The Way My Mind Works

When I was 17, my Sunday school teacher told me that the way my mind works scared her. A lot.

But that’s beside the point. Lately I’ve been missing practicing yoga – and not just because of how fit I feel when I practice regularly. Mostly, I miss the meditative aspect. That discipline of spending 60 undistracted minutes in deep focus.

I used to practice under a woman who was also a leader in the local Methodist church, and she always instructed us to focus on something specific – as opposed to the usual practice of emptying ones mind of all thoughts. She gave me the gift of guided spiritual meditation. Each day in her class, I focused on a specific facet of God’s character.

And never before in my entire life has my spiritual life been so full as during those months of regular yoga practice. As I was thinking of this last night, my mind wandered (only a little). Why is my spiritual life less full now? I KNOW how to meditate, and I KNOW it’s benefits to my relationship with God. Why did it take that regularly scheduled physical/mental/spiritual exercise to enjoy its fruit? Well – because it was regularly scheduled!

But beyond that, there was something in that room. A group of people, individually devoted to the unification of mind, body, and spirit. It’s hard to explain, but those of you who understand, get it. I was there in a room of other people each devoted to a single purpose. Not unlike worship.

For one hour, three times a week, I focused all my mental energy on incorporating all three aspects of my person, the same way Father, Son, and Spirit are completely incorporated in the person God. And then, in that attitude of being completely THERE, focusing mind, soul, and strength on Him. It was deep, heady stuff. And I miss it, desperately.

Wish I could find a church with a regular yoga practice, but so few Christians get it.

Recurrent Dreams

Well, I’m not really having recurrent dreams. It’s more like recurrent themes that keep popping into all my dreams lately. And I’ve had tons of recurring dreams in my life – flying, falling, swimming, the whole gamut – but this is new and very different.

I dream something is stuck in my gums and teeth and in my wind-pipe. I’ve had wads of chewing gum, weird tape, and that funny gunk they use to create a mold of your teeth. And I always get distracted from whatever is going on in my dream to remove the offending substance from my mouth or throat. As soon as I think I’ve gotten it all, I choke on some more.

Very strange.

Wonder what it means. I’ll probably find out once it no longer matters.