Christmas trees – everywhere! Apparently, they just grow here, like oak trees or something. Except, there are firs and pines and balsams, taller than builidings, and glistening with snow and icicles. It’s like a wintery fairy land.

I’ve spent the past two days within 100 miles of Yellowstone and Teton, and last night a nasty snow storm blew through the area, complete with high winds that persist even now. This morning, on my way to my first meeting, I got to hear the interesting sound produced by the ABS on my new company car. Blind panic in the wintery fairy land.

Last night, I discovered a lovely gourmet restaurant in rural Ammon, Idaho. Go figure. I had a perfect salmon & scallop mousse amuse bouche, a fabulous lobster bisque (with tarragon!), and a delicious Belgian endive salad with bleu cheese and candied walnuts. I can’t wait to bring Handsome here sometime.

Thank God for audiobooks. They are the ultimate answer for long drives. (Podcasts work well, too.)

Life on the road necessitates a certain amount of fastfood meals. But today, I stopped at Subway for a turkey wrap, as opposed to fries and chicken strips. AND I did not eat in my car. Aren’t you proud?


4 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Glad you made it out of the ABS in-between land safely. I know that feeling – it’s not fun.What podcasts do you like? Ever heard Top of the Pods? Couple of British guys doing top ten lists… funny stuff. Check out “Top Ten Barry Pepper Films”.

  2. Thanks! It wasn’t too bad though as I was going all of 10 mph in a school parking lot. But still, the sound! shiverI’ve just begun listening to Podcasts – mostly to do with my work. But I’ve been using FrenchPodClass to brush up. I’ll check out your recommendations, though.

  3. Ok, granted, i’m not the most perceptive person, but on second glance — do you drive to Idaho and back? That’s like farther than to Brownwood, right? Ever thought of getting your commercial driver’s license? You could be makin some extra cash delivering potatoes or something, eh?

  4. LOL. No, I spend about 80% of my time here (and Utah, Washington, and Oregon). I fly to & from Austin about once a month or so, while my car remains here.So, I’m really racking up the frequent flyer miles.

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