So, Apple has decided to post instructions on how to install Windows XP on the latest Intel-based Macs. I am astounded, but our stock seems pretty happy about it.


3 thoughts on “04/05/06

  1. So, resistance really is futile.I’m sad now. C’mon, Jif, tell us something good to go along with it. Like Apple is hiring senior java and c# developers. :]

  2. Dont’ be sad – OS X is still the best on the market. Those who know, know.And, yes, Apple is hiring: Senior Java Developer, Java VM Engineer, Senior 4D/Java Developer, and about 200 other Software Engineering positions. Almost all of which are in California.

  3. I should probably give you the link. *doh*https://cooljobs.apple.com/Side note: the Austin installation is mostly (but not limited to) sales, order processing, finance, and technical support.

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