Midnight Music Madness

I read that Rush is working on another album. Hopefully, this will mean a tour in 2007 or 2008. I can hardly wait.

Also, I’ve been hearing a lot of Alice in Chains on the radio these days. Apparently, they’re touring again, sans Layne Staley, of course. Sad we’ll never hear Layne’s voice again; he and Jerry Cantrell created some amazing melodies.

Metallica used to be much better. Can’t say that I like any of their newer stuff.

I really enjoy Pat Boone’s album In a Metal Mood. His cover of Crazy Train cracks me up.

Am I the only one who digs the music on that Dodge Charger commercial? You know, the mash of Hair of the Dog and Live & Loose.

I love oddball music, especially Hayseed Dixie, the bluegrass AC/DC tribute band. I think They Might Be Giants also qualifies in the oddball category, and I like them too.

I don’t really like Korn (they’re kinda scary), but Twisted Transistor rocks.


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