Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

Lucy added me to her blog roll. AND in the last 48 hours, my site has been visited by people from Estonia, Kuwait, Poland, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Texas and Missouri.

You know what this means? I AM somebody.

Thanks to everyone!

P.S. I haven’t had any dreams about gum since Friday night. It seems that just recognizing what it was all about was enough to stem the tide. As a replacement, my dreams have been filled with country music. Which would actually make them nightmares, especially when one wakes up with the stupid song stuck in one’s head. Can’t decide which is worse, the gum or the country music.

P.P.S. I think the Starbucks barista might have slipped some caf in my decaf.


5 thoughts on “Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

  1. Ooooo! Are you dreaming about the song that came out a few weeks ago, ‘I’ll Never Do Weed With Willie Again’? Or, my personal favorite, ‘If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep On Moving’? Or maybe vintage country? Like Ray Stevens singing about squirrels in church and streakers and Shriners. Well. Not all in the same song, but you get the idea. Which, incidentially, I don’t let the children listen to because they don’t need to be getting ideas!

  2. Le – I knew!Lucy – I don’t know the name of the strange country song that was running through my mind, but it was new and had something to do with a bad break-up.

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