Jennifer and the No Good, Very Bad Day

At least the hotel provided bottled water for the teeth-brushing and face-washing this morning. My extensive camping experience finally came in handy.

Things got a little better after that, since my customer meetings went fairly well.

And then…I got pulled over. 73 in a 55. Sigh. I didn’t even see the sign.

These are the moments when you pray for grace and favors even though you don’t deserve it. I DID break the law, however inadvertently, but please, oh please, I didn’t mean it and I promise to obey the law going forward. Cross my heart.

Heaven smiled on me, and the very kind officer (who was obviously having a much better day than me) let me go with a warning.


3 thoughts on “Jennifer and the No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Oh how I cringe at the thought of your getting a ticket. Perhaps I am as defensive of you as you are of me. “Don’t hurt my sister!”I love you.

  2. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. NOT because I haven’t been caught. I’m just a better girl than my husband is. Last time HE got stopped we were on our way to the hospital after my water broke. Going 71 in a 65. Less than ten miles from the hospital. And he almost got the ticket. Except that the officer noticed I actually WAS going to have the baby. Right then. And he had to weigh the options of being a jerk and delivering the baby OR being “nice” and letting us proceed to the hospital. I think his dread of mucus and paperwork won out. He looked SO mad there wasn’t time to give us a ticket AND avoid delivering a baby.

  3. Lucy, I’ve been stopped countless times, but only got my first ticket at 28. I cried for days. Handsome looked at me like I was nuts and asked, “What? Did you think you’d go your whole life without ever getting a ticket?”Yes!

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