Finally! A TV show I can get on board with. The synopsis:

“Inspired by actual cases, the series depicts how the confluence of police work and mathematics provides unexpected revelations and answers to the most perplexing criminal questions.”

See. Mathematicians always win in the end.


2 thoughts on “NUMB3RS

  1. I like NUMB3RS too. I’ve been watching it since it started, but our Bible study group moved to Friday nights, so I record it. Shhh…don’t tell!

  2. New to your blog, linked from Lucy.My kids and I have had this game for years, where they try (in vain) to think of a profession where they will NOT have to use math. They are still trying to stump me. When my 13 yo saw us watching NUMB3RS, she just groaned and laughed.Leni

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