The Truth About Bananas

Leah was surprised to learn that “I really, really don’t like bananas.” And this is probably because she’s seen me eat more than a few bananas in my life. Eating bananas should never be confused with liking bananas, however.

It’s mostly a texture issue. Well, that and the flavor. I don’t mind bananas if they’re hiding out in banana bread in very small, undetectable lumps. If they’ve been mixed in the fruit salad, I’ll either avoid the fruit salad or pick around the bananas. And whenever I eat banana pudding, I try to eat the bananas first, and quickly, so I can get the worst over with.

A few times a year, I am forced to buy a bunch of bananas for my own health (they are high in potassium which heals bruises.) But I buy the green ones and eat them quick. Because I really, really don’t like bananas!

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Bananas

  1. I love bananas, but ONLY if they are completely and utterly lacking in any brown spots. I like them YELLOW, not brown at all. I like them just turned yellow. Firm and smooth and creamy, not squishy and grainy. But I have to say that the browner ones do make excellent banana bread, in which case I find the whole thing delicious. Especially with pecans or walnuts, and possibly dried apricots or dried blueberries.Have you tried just-turned-yellow bananas enveloped in chocolate fondue? 🙂 Now that’s a great way to eat them.

  2. I, like Katherine, must have the completely yellow, no brown spotted bananas. I buy them yellow in the middle and green on both ends. that way I can enjoy them for a day or two. Then Ronnie and the boys take over, and they are gone in a matter of minutes–no joke!

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