What They Thought Up Next

“An invisibility cloak that works just like the one Harry Potter inherited from his father.” No joke.


One perfect meal can make up for a month of bad restaurants. For dinner tonight: endive salad with pecans & fuji apples and seared Ahi tuna on basmati-pistachio rice with truffled carrot puree & peppercress. Perfection in every bite.

The spicy peppercress was well-matched with the tender tuna. And it was nice to have a salad served in a vinaigrette that was tangy instead of sweet. The food was unusual and completely satisfying. I cleaned my plate!

I can’t wait to return, and should you find yourself in the Bay Area, you deserve a visit to The Basin in Saratoga.

Ah! California!

This weekend, Handsome and I are visiting family in Northern California. On every visit in the past decade, we have brought good weather with us, but today it’s threatening to rain. I am psychically willing it NOT to rain.

be sunny, please be sunny

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the weekend – and you should, too. Go outside and play!