It’s been a whole year since my first posting here. In that year, many things have changed in mine & Handsome’s life.

First, there’s the promotion and ensuing business travel. Insane amounts of business travel. Next, our health has somewhat improved. Handsome has lost several pounds, and we’re both walking 2-3 miles almost every day, whether together or apart. And finally, our future seems brighter somehow and our marriage stronger. We are far more patient with each other and much more communicative.

A year ago, I was whining for a change, and boy did I ever get change. It looks like the coming year is going to be even more exciting. Stay tuned!

P.S. In the past year, the blog has seen 1930 visits, including some from such far-away places as California, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, New York, Canada, France, Ireland, England, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Singapore, and Japan. Thank you all. Your visits mean the world to me. Seriously.


One thought on “Bloggerversary

  1. Yay for you! BTW, from the lips of BloddPressureSurvivorGirl, (can you tell I live in a house with boys obsessed with superheroes?) comes these words of wisdom: Deep steady breathing 15 minutes a day actually works, pomegranate juice extract is also supposed to help this as well as the cancer thing, and a teaspoon of cinnamon per day. Whatever. I did those and I’m not dead. I’m just saying :)Back to relevant stuff, YAY FOR YOU!

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