Random Adventures

You know how “they” say that a kitten weaned too young will suckle exposed skin? Well, guess what – it’s true. And I have a little kitty hickey on my neck to prove it.

“They” should teach the grocery sackers how to sack groceries. For example: the watermelon should NOT be sacked on top of the tomatoes. And the raw chicken should NOT be sacked with…well, anything.

“Jesus called: He wants His religion back” is a stupid bumper sticker.

The milk ALWAYS goes bad a couple days before the expiration date. Why don’t they just reduce the expiration date? Really – why? At least I only buy it in quarts or pints.

It’s not normal to wake up early on a Saturday morning worrying about one’s expense reports. But, at least they’re done now.

The biggest adventure of the week: I applied for grad school. More details soon.


3 thoughts on “Random Adventures

  1. Woohooo! Going to be a chef? Because I bet you’d be a good chef. Or a trucker? Not sure that trucking-school is defined as “grad school”. You could be an astronaut. Or a basket-weaver. Once again, those probably don’t involve grad school. A teacher? A butcher? A candlestick-maker? I hope its something outrageously cool that will lead to an obscenely nice salary doing something that makes you fantastically giddy all the time.

  2. I don’t even get what that bumper sticker means. It’s like having a painful conversation with someone where you could probably know what they meant if you wanted to think about it, but you know if you did, you’d hate yourself for wasting any energy on it.C’mon… if we learned anything in college, it’s that food isn’t actually inedible until well after it starts tasting gross. This, of course, applies to milk as well as it does to hamburgers->taco meat->macaroni/cheese/meat/salsa casserole. You just need to add some salsa to that milk and voila, you have Fiesta Cottage Cheese!

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