Get Wiggy With It

Funny or Sad?
You decide: Baby Toupee


10 thoughts on “Get Wiggy With It

  1. Can’t something be funny and sad. for example last week an icon i abilene, the short shorts man. A guy who has been walking in abilene for over a decade stuck in the 70’s in a supertight white t-shirt and skin tight short denim shorts was hit by a train while walking down the tracks. It was sad but at the same time funny.

  2. that *is* sad, Alex. that would be like Leslie getting hit by a bus on Congress Ave.And J-girl, did you see Mr. Smith on Inside the Actor’s Studio? Naa na naa na na na na … naa na naa na na NA

  3. Leslie is an Austin semi-celebrity. He’s a homeless, sorta-transvestite, although he wears a wooly beard with his thong, tutu, and high-heals.He ran for mayor once. And frequently complains about the day, some ten years ago, when he was arrested and the police “stole” his purse.

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