Handsome Super Hero

Our cat, Trixie, has issues.  The largest and most revolting of these is her propensity to empty the semi-digested contents of her stomach onto our white carpet.  (Note to readers, white carpet plus white furniture plus black cat with indigestion equals hours of fun.)

Well, Miss Trixie’s stomach ills have not abated with my recent increase in travel.  And since her maid (that would be me) is away most of the time, the responsibility of cleaning up after the her has fallen to the man of the house.  And he does not like it.

Recently, he purchased a Bissel Spot Bot to alleviate his anxiety and eliminate those lovely catsick stains.  And until this weekend, I’d never seen this little miracle worker in action. Oh, but I got my chance.

I’m still not sure how one little cat can make such a huge mess, but I am absolutely convinced that I married a super-hero.  Not only did he shampoo the affected areas (plural!), but he also vacuumed afterward.  

He vacuumed!  It makes me weak in the knees just thinking about it.


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