Saturday Surprises

I learned this afternoon that my parents read my blog.  I was momentarily concerned that I might have said something at some time or other which might distress me them.  But they especially liked the story about The Funeral.  I must have embarrassed them enough in my youth, so they can now laugh with (or, more likely, at) me.

A book recommended by a colleague is not at all what I expected, resulting in loud, uncontrollable laughter in a plane full of people, all of whom were staring at me.  And when the heroine’s grandmother accidentally fired the .38 Special during dinner and into the roasted chicken, I absolutely lost it.  Thanks Dian!

My cabbie was from Eritrea, and he was surprised and excited that I know where that is.  He kept insisting that I should move to California, wanted to know if I have family here, and “casually” asked if I am married.  He was undeterred when I mentioned my husband.  Now those are some seriously impressive geography skills.

One thought on “Saturday Surprises

  1. One of the best Christmas gifts ever was the year my little brother got me “Confederacy of Dunces”. He had seen a woman sitting on a bench on campus laughing outloud while she read it. He actually struck up a conversation to find out what the book was so he could get it for me! He’s a clever sweetie, always on the look-out for that perfect gift inspiration. And, if my parents ever started reading MY blog … (1) It would be a sign of Armageddon since they’re computer illiterates and (2) My blog would be slammed shut so fast the server would crash! Of course, my parents are nuts and your’s are probably normalish 🙂

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