I’ve just completed a week of intense training out here in beautiful California. Not that I saw much California – mostly just the inside of a hotel. Needless to say, I’m wiped out. My brain hurts, and I am in serious need of some sleep. I might write about this trip later….just not now; I need to process the experience a little more.

Well, ok. I’ll say one thing: if you haven’t already done so (this week), go to the Apple Store near you and play with all the beautiful equipment. Feel the love that is Mac.

4 thoughts on “Phew

  1. I luhve me some California. Reading you lets me vicariously enjoy the freedom that is childlessness (not that I’d trade, but well, some days, yeah, I would). AND there was NO need to apologize about the book question! It was good food for thought, and I needed the blog fodder. So, thanks.

  2. I love California – cry every time I have to fly out. After 10 years, it’s pretty pathetic, really.Thanks. I tend to ask awkward personal questions on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes, I just need to make sure I haven’t crossed some unseen line.In any case, thanks for sharing. Maybe I need to post about my favorite reads – you know, answer my own personal question. 😉

  3. California’s a great big oasis.What piece of rose-fruit goodness are you most excited about?BTW, I officially asked for an iPod for Christmas for the first time ever. I just wanted to share.

  4. I am seriously infatuated with the Black MacBook and the new iPod Shuffle.The good news is that my official business machine is about to be upgraded to . . . a Black MacBook! And, His Steve-ness is giving every employee a shuffle. Yeah!!And, if A needs a better deal on an iPod, give her my email address. I’ll hook her up.

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