For Your Amusement

Q: How do you tell the difference between a Catholic and a Baptist?

A: When you bump into the Catholic at the liquor store, he says hello, asks about your kids, and invites you to his next cocktail party.

Addendum by Lucy: When you bump into the Baptist at the liquor store, they’ll be disguised in “sunglasses and a big coat” at a store at least sixty miles from the church, working on the premise that if they don’t look at you, you won’t notice them.

The Long Road Home

Thank God it’s Friday! I’m catching a flight to Austin this afternoon, and I can hardly wait. It’s going to take too many hours to get there, but I’ll get there.

Be still my heart.

The Weather Channel

In Seattle, two weeks ago, it was snowing and freezing and snarling traffic. And yesterday it was flooding and blustering and snarling traffic. Both time, I was in the snarled traffic. Insane.

I was in Portland & Salem, Oregon, last week where it was foggy and misty and snarling traffic. All day. Everywhere.

I now understand the phenomenon of 90’s grunge rock. Makes complete sense to me.

Welcome to Winter

Hello, and welcome to December. The cold air is finally here, and so is my new template. Hope you like it.

Yesterday, I completed my first term paper in over a decade. It was surprisingly easy – just like riding a bicycle. Of course, I woke up with the words in my mind. I love it when that happens – when the pages just pour out. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, what a blessing.

Did I ever mention that Handsome and I are going to Maui in January? Perhaps not. It’s a company-funded trip (gotta love those) as reward for my sales performance in 2006. (Allow me to toot my own horn: 110% for the year!) But what’s really exciting is that neither of us have been to Hawaii before. Any suggestions on what we should see and do?