01/13-17/07: Putting on the Ritz

Hawaii Update #3

On Saturday (13th), we checked in at the Ritz-Carlton, for the company-sponsored portion of our trip. The first thing we noticed was that the grounds were immaculate. Almost too much so. With the exceptions of some well-groomed palm trees, you would have thought we were at Pebble Beach.

Nonetheless, the staff were bright, helpful and attentive. And the toiletries were out of this world. Bulgari “white tea” shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, and lotion. Since I am a self-respecting American woman, I pocketed as many as I could get my hands on. *snicker*

There were a few minor draw-backs to our four-night stay at the Ritz. The walk to our room was about a quarter-mile; at least, the hallway seemed to go on forever. We got lost on our way to several company events – the complex was sprawling. And, the tiny beach, way far away at the bottom of the hill, was turbulent. So much so that in a feeble attempt at body-surfing, I was plowed into the bottom, and my shoulders and head ached for a couple days.

But really, who can complain about a free trip to the Ritz-Carlton?


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