01/15/07: Swimming with the Fishes

Hawaii Update #4

On Monday, we took a boat tour, a three-hour tour, to Molokini and Turtle Town for a peak at life under the waves. Here are a few things we saw:

4 thoughts on “01/15/07: Swimming with the Fishes

  1. Jennifer,Before you think you have a stalker lurking on your blog for hours, I should explain myself. Last night, I had the feeling I should look you and Leah up. We worked together for a while and I have been married to Joe Asaro for 13 years now. We often wonder how you and all your family are doing, so I decided to find out! You can find more about us at http://www.myspace.com/asaro4. Or asaro@consolidated.net Your blog is very well written and I couldn’t stop reading (our boys are napping)

  2. Kim? Is that you? How are you guys?Funny thing, I was wondering how the two of you have been doing lately too. Go figure that. So glad to hear you are happy and healthy. Please give all my best to Joe.BTW, the song on your MySpace page is one of my favorites. That song ran through my head the whole time we were in Maui.

  3. It’s our very favorite song. Of course, the boys are sick of it, but what can you do. We’re glad to see you guys are doing well, also. Send your mom, dad and Leah (four kids, I can’t believe it!)our well wishes.Kim

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