Brought to you by the letter "sssss"

My favorite band has a new album out this week. My appreciation of their music began when I met Handsome. So I’m emotionally tied to them by my love for him, but I’d enjoy their music even if my introduction hadn’t happened while I was actively falling in love.

Still, they’re “progressive rock.” Which means, each album is fundamentally different from the others, while still being the same Rush we know and love. In the years since I first met Handsome, they’ve released four albums of new music. And every single time, it has taken me about six months to fully appreciate their latest work, even though I’m usually immediately, completely enthralled by a few of the songs. (This is why iTunes is brilliant.)

And this album is no different. I adore Far Cry and Malignant Narcissism. The others, well, they’re growing on me.

But what really freaks me out are the snakes. They’re on the cover and back of the CD case, on the disk itself, and on (and within) the liner notes. *SHUDDER*

I know they’re just photographs and drawings and cartoons, and I know my trepidation is utterly irrational. But really! I hate those forked-tongued, fanged, slithering, scaly reptiles.

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