The Rock Under From Which I Am Crawling

Please forgive the extended radio silence, folks. This is the busiest season of my fiscal year, and I am struggling, absolutely struggling, to make my quota. If you’ve ever been in a line of business where your paycheck depends upon every single order your customers make, you will know this feeling. Anxiety, excitement, panic, hope, fear.

But, today might have been a turn of the tide. At least I’m praying that it is. You could pray too, if you like. Bless you if you do.

Summer side note: I highly recommend Josefina Syrah Rosé as the perfect summer wine. Finally, an American rosé that manages to be fruity and light without being sweet. I’m greatly pleased, and I think you (those of you who imbibe) will be too. Enjoy lightly chilled with salad, veggie pizza, or pork loin. Yummy!

Taking the Red-Eye

The flight attendant talks. Very loudly and he. Sounds just like Captain. James. T Kirk.

The connecting flight is located at the furthest possible distance from your arrival gate as part of a covert scientific experiment. Or possibly a form of torture.

Losing a couple hours in-flight makes it worse.

Starbucks is a shining beacon of hope in a sleep-deprived haze.