Eight Random Things About Me

Leah tagged me, so here goes:

1. I’m a sucker for long hair. It was a several hundred points in Handsome’s favor when I met him. The good news is that his hair is still long and dark, and he still has all of it. I am a very lucky girl.

2. I love to read. It is my favorite hobby. Since I travel so much and spend so many evening hours alone, I go through about three books a week. I especially love mysteries, even better if they’re supernatural thrillers (not to be confused with horror), even better if they’re part of series.

3. I hate to vacuum. Absolutely hate it. I’d rather wash and fold and iron every piece of clothing in the house. And all the sheets, even the fitted ones. This is a real problem since we have about 2000 square feet of carpet, including the stairs.

4. The pierces in my ears don’t match. One is centered in the lobe, and one is lower than center. This happens when your beauty school Aunt practices on you. The only good part is that she used a tiny little needle, so I don’t have any scar tissue.

5. I was born on Labor Day. It makes me very happy to get a 3-day weekend for my birthday every year. And boy do I milk it. Just this weekend, I started reminding Handsome that my birthday is coming. In two months. Yay!

6. I was bitten by a Copperhead snake when I was three years old. I remember almost everything that happened, except the actual snake bite. The only good part of the story was waking up in the hospital to find my dad had brought me an entire bag of Oreo cookies. And the next day, he brought me a cheeseburger because I refused to eat the hospital food, even then.

7. Last year, I had to go the emergency room during a business trip to Idaho Falls, Idaho. All by myself. The pain was so severe, I thought I had appendicitis. It was gas. The MRI technician laughed at me. Utterly mortifying.

8. Once, I drilled a telephone salesman on his pitch. It started out with, “Oh, come on! You can do better than that.” Then, I spent a half an hour on the phone making him go over it several times till he got better. I didn’t buy anything, and he sure was happy to get off the phone with me. Heh.

Tag: Jeff, Lucy, and Leni.


2 thoughts on “Eight Random Things About Me

  1. I loved #8! That is hysterical. My Beloved always listens to them then asks if they know Jesus. They listen because they want to make a sell, but sometimes they hang up. He does the same thing to crank callers–crank callers beware!I didn’t know that you didn’t remember the actual snake bite! Interesting what one learns about her sister from a tag!Love you,Leah

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