Red Letter Day

So after the cruel and unusal air travel delays of Friday, Handsome made Saturday a day worth waiting for.

He picked me up at the airport at 1pm, and we didn’t make it home till after 1am. And it was an absolutely perfect day. We started with lunch on Lake Austin. Then, he took me shopping for jeans and shoes. You ladies know what that means – hours of patiently waiting. What a sweet man.

My advise to all the curvy women I know: shop for jeans at Nordstrom’s. The sales woman understood exactly what I was looking for in a jean and brought me six pairs that ALL fit perfectly. I picked out my two favorites, but how often do you find someone (other than your best friend) who can take a look at your figure and and hand you not one, but SIX pairs of jeans that all work.

But the best part of all: SINGLE DIGIT on the label, ladies! What a confidence boost.

After the shopping was completed, I changed into my new jeans and blouse in the ladies restroom, and we went out. Out to the theater. To Jesucristo Superestrella. More about that one tomorrow. But for now . . . WOW!

Right now, I have to get ready to go down to San Antonio for a concert. Is this a great weekend or what?


One thought on “Red Letter Day

  1. Oh I’m so glad to see you having a good time! You deserve every moment of luxury this weekend, or however long your in Austin. How ’bout every day!Love you!

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