It Gets Worse

So, Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 11:59 PM is the official end of a very freaking long fiscal year. For me, this means anxiety of the acutest kind as I scramble to get as close to my quota as possible. All the while knowing that I’ll never get close enough. Not even striking distance.

Now imagine, if you will, the insanity that is my life. Racing for every new account, every dollar. Shamelessly begging, harassing my customers . . . all those joys.

Then suddenly . . . my hard drive fails.


On my primary business machine.


And that backup I made this weekend. Hah! Just kidding. There’s not a single useful thing on the disk.

*insert maniacal laughter here*

This is so much fun!


“Americans . . . are oddly innocent in their faith that science holds explanations for everything. . . . Science doesn’t allow for magic any more than it allows for evil. The devout belief that the world is explainable is both a terrible vulnerability and a stout shield. Evil prefers it when people don’t believe.”

For The Record

Handsome thinks I’m funny. Yet one more good reason to love him.


Mmmm. Chipotle.


I’m so glad I bought a GPS. No more getting lost. Or stopping to ask for directions. (I’m worse than “men” in this regard.)


The chewing gums dreams are back. I expect them to remain in residence for approximately two weeks. The upside to this is that the dinosaur isn’t visiting my dreams. Maybe he has chewing gum stuck in his teeth.


Thank God it’s Friday. Seriously.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know it’s been crickets around here lately. And I could give you hours of excuses – about how busy my work has been, so busy that I’ve closed 6 new accounts in the month of August and 2 more in the first week of September, so busy that I travel 6 days out of 7, so busy that my new recurrent dreams are almost all work-related.

So, here a quick update:

My 34th birthday was Labor Day, same as it was the day I was born. I spent the entire day with Handsome, and it was wonderful. Except that minor panic attack when I was thinking about work.

I might someday get around to writing about Jesus Christ Superstar/JesuChristo Superestrella. But the most meaningful part of that evening was reassurance in my own faith. It’s hard to comprehend how a musical written by a pagan can affirm one’s faith, but there it is.

Instead of the regular chewing gum dreams, I now have Tyrannosaurus Rexes (Rexi?) chasing me around. It’s insane and frightening. I think it has something to do with work.

The last day of my fiscal year is September 29th. And it can’t come soon enough.