Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know it’s been crickets around here lately. And I could give you hours of excuses – about how busy my work has been, so busy that I’ve closed 6 new accounts in the month of August and 2 more in the first week of September, so busy that I travel 6 days out of 7, so busy that my new recurrent dreams are almost all work-related.

So, here a quick update:

My 34th birthday was Labor Day, same as it was the day I was born. I spent the entire day with Handsome, and it was wonderful. Except that minor panic attack when I was thinking about work.

I might someday get around to writing about Jesus Christ Superstar/JesuChristo Superestrella. But the most meaningful part of that evening was reassurance in my own faith. It’s hard to comprehend how a musical written by a pagan can affirm one’s faith, but there it is.

Instead of the regular chewing gum dreams, I now have Tyrannosaurus Rexes (Rexi?) chasing me around. It’s insane and frightening. I think it has something to do with work.

The last day of my fiscal year is September 29th. And it can’t come soon enough.


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