Skulking Around The Bookstore

After I finished all my customer visits today, on my way back to the hotel, I dropped into the national chain bookstore here in Yakima. Not because I wanted to pick up the latest bestseller, but because I wanted to take a look at the paperback release of a book I recently enjoyed in hardcover.

Here’s the fun part: the paperback version has a bonus short story AND an excerpt of the next novel in the series. But, I’m just not into spending money for a book I’ve already read when I really just want the bonuses. So, I sat in a comfy leather chair in the back of the store and read the extra 20-something pages, carefully NOT bending the spine or curving the pages. That would have been rude.

3 thoughts on “Skulking Around The Bookstore

  1. Definitely not the first time. Certainly not the last. ;-)And you’re right, I wasn’t alone – there was an elderly gentleman sitting near me who seems to be reading every book in the store in one sitting. LOL

  2. Why else do they make a bookstore so inviting? They put the chairs there, right? I read in another blog from a disgruntled Barnes and Noble employee, that they LET you return books as often as you want, like a library. Now Thats rude

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