Getting Away From It All

Handsome and I are hiding out at an undisclosed location. While it’s cooler and drizzlier (is that a word?) than we would like, we’re far away from our work and obligations. So we’re doing a lot of relaxing, which is probably what we need more than anything else. Rest . . . finally.

Thanksgiving Redux

The smoked turkey from Woody’s in Centerville is much better than the smoked turkey from Rudy’s Smokehouse (numerous locations). The gravy base and peppermint bark from Williams & Sonoma rock the planet. Aunt Kim’s mac & cheese is out-of-this-world, but she still won’t share the recipe. Mom’s corn bread dressing is the best dressing ever created, and I did not get enough of it.

But most importantly, there is never enough time with family.


Tonight, we watched the Uptown Lighting on Post Oak Boulevard in Houston. And this is always one of my favorite fireworks shows because it’s long and beautiful and has a bright, loud finale. It’s always choreographed to a Mannheim Steamroller medley, but a fireworks show in the middle of skyscrapers is breathtaking regardless of what music you play with it.

Although, waiting 45 minutes in a pushy crowd while a local pops band plays Christmas Carols is a bit of a stretch, it was definitely worth the wait. Next year, you should go – you’ll love it!


I’m out here in Seattle on business till Thanksgiving. Handsome is telling me that Texas is expecting a cool front to come in Wednesday night. And he’s all excited since we’ll be spending Thursday evening outdoors at the Uptown Christmas* Lighting, and he loves cold weather.

So, I check the weather forecast. Yeah, it’s going to be really cold. insert sarcasm here The predicted low (43 degrees) for Thanksgiving night was today’s high here in Seattle. I used to think that was cold, too.

* I KNOW it’s actually the Uptown HOLIDAY Lighting, but I just can’t bring myself to submit to the change. If Santa shows up and we’re all out in the cold singing carols, it’s Christmas. sticks out tongue

Salon Joy

Life is good when you’ve just had your haircut. Especially if that haircut looks really good, and reduces the excessive weight one’s head must carry. While it is a blessing to have lots and lots of hair, it can be a real pain in the neck (sometimes literally).

Still, there isn’t anything like that “just from the salon” feeling. Mainly because your hair won’t look this good until the next trip to the hair stylist. Probably because they can actually see the back of your head. And also because they’re getting paid to make it look that good.

Blog Update

As you can tell, I’ve updated my blog for the Holiday Season. It’s just last winter’s theme rehashed, with a splash of color. I’d like to create something completely new, but I have neither the time nor inclination to spend untold hours in photoshop or tweaking code. So here it is.