Same but Different

I read this from an author whose writing I enjoy: “I was raised by scientists and tend to be on the Scully side of the equation. . . I always look for the rational explanation before going to the supernatural explanation.”

What I find interesting about this is that I was raised by religious people, but still fall on the “Scully side of the equation,” looking for a rational explanation first. Makes me wonder if this kind of scientifically inquisitive mind is nature or nurture. Makes me think the “God gene” theory may be right.

At the same time, I cannot discount the supernatural. There are too many things that defy scientific explanation, too many things I’ve seen or known.


One thought on “Same but Different

  1. I think that the ‘scully’ side is within us all.I mean, I would gear more toward the spiritual side of the explanation, but I do want to know if science can explain it first.Of course, when science does explain things, I tend to think, “God made this world and our bodies so amazing.”So, life, in itself, to me, is a miracle. A supernatural unexplainable embodiment of self regulating functions with a soul and spirit that seems to confound wisdom.

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