I Heart Jane

Many of you already know of my fondness for Jane Austen. Love, love, love those books. And the movies too. I’m not too proud to admit that pretty much any interpretation makes me happy, no matter how they differ from the author’s works.

So, I finally saw Becoming Jane. Only so-so. Too bad because I dearly wanted to love it. Ah well, can’t win them all.

On the other hand, I also finally saw The Jane Austen Book Club. And it was a mostly-faithful capture of Karen Joy Fowler’s book by the same name. The movie made me just as happy as the novel. And true to Austen form, the main characters all got what they most desired in the end. And it was a very happy end.

Donald Hefeweizen Saves The World (pt.12)

At that exact moment, Donald Hefeweizen breezed down the interstate in his lemon yellow Smart Fortwo ultra-compact. He gaped as he passed an angel writing a speeding ticket to a demon in a BMW convertible.

Since when has the Dallas PD employed angels? he wondered.

Donald had always thought it was the other way around, with Satan’s minions writing all those tickets. Though he’d never had proof.

Although he could never figure out the cop who stopped him four separate times last June. Once a week for a month. Same cop each time. Definitely OTHERWORLD-ly. Wasn’t a demon. Or a troll. Could have been a goblin. But probably a faery. With a mean streak.

Donald shook out of his reverie, taking an exit toward downtown. And a certain Anti-Christ’s loft apartment.

He didn’t see the four car pileup that resulted from yet another distracted driver. Nor did he see the demon in the BMW follow him off the highway.

But the angel/cop saw it all. And she had the license plates. For both.

“D, I think we’re being followed,” mewed the fluffy white passenger curled in the back window.

“Of course we’re being followed. We’re in one of the largest cities in the nation. There are millions of cars here. Bound to be someone going where we’re going.”

“I think it’s the BMW we passed. The one that was getting a ticket. You know, the one with the demon in it!” The cat was screeching at this point. Not a pretty sound.

“Stupid cat,” the ugly driver grumbled.

“On second thought, maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s not following us. Maybe he’s just returning to headquarters.” Mr. Button’s self-satisfied grin was enough.

Donald exhaled. Painfully. “Well, crap.”

. . . to be continued.

(c) copyright 2008 Jennifer J. Knighton

Coming Unglued

So, I’m driving along in central Washington state, yesterday. I pop a piece of gum (Orbitz Raspberry Mint) into my mouth. And it crunched. Sort of.

Gum doesn’t crunch, I thought. And, Hey!, where’d my tooth go?

*fishes in mouth like the mother of a toddler*

My crown came out! At least I didn’t swallow it.

So here I am, in the middle of nowhere, where only 3 dentists within a 50 mile radius take my insurance. And one of them is on Spring Break.