Local Color

I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, today and tomorrow, for some customer and sales team meetings. And it’s already been an adventure.

At lunch, we dined at Paschal’s where I enjoyed Fried Green Tomatoes, Gumbo, Cornbread, and the most amazing Crab Cakes I’ve ever eaten in my life. My companions had Fried Chicken (not double-dipped) with Collard Greens and Black-eyed Peas. Delicious all around.

And then after lunch, between customer meetings, as we were walking through downtown Atlanta, we saw a vagrant reliving himself on the sidewalk. Aiming at a passing well-dressed lady and her Pekinese. While lying down on the concrete on his side. Lying down. On the sidewalk. With his *ahem* equipment out. IN. FULL. VIEW.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they mean when they talk about “Southern Hospitality.”

Passive Aggression

Walk into the stall. Flush.

Paper the seat. Flush.

Repaper the seat and sit. Real fast. Flush.

Grab some TP. Flush.

Stand, button, zip. Nothing.

Wave hand in front of motion sensor. Nothing.

Wave hand some more. Nothing.

Push little button. Flush.

Open stall door. Flush.

Close stall door. Flush.