Suburban Safari

At first, I thought it was a siren of some sort, and Handsome thought I was hearing things. I was hearing things. Well, thing. A LOUD thing. And that’s when I opened the back door to see what the ruckus was.** And there it was, sitting in one of the cedar trees yelling at us. LOUDLY.

An owl, probably a screech owl. With the loud screeching.

I snapped a shot with my iPhone, but I’ll spare you that image. You’d say, “yep, there’s a fuzzy, out-of-focus thing in your fuzzy, out-of-focus tree.” It’s really not worth the embarrassment to post that photo is what I’m saying.

Anyway, the probable-screech owl screeched at us for a few minutes before taking off into the night. Probably lighting on one of our neighbor’s trees to screech at them, too.

**Note, if this was a horror film, I’d have been dragged into the yard and eaten by the loud thing.

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