A Gentleman! In the Wild!

I saw one! No, really! Just this morning, I crossed his path in the hallway at my office. Instead of racing ahead to cut me off (as is the habit of most men these days), he paused and waved his hand in the universal “after you” motion. And he smiled as I passed.

This would have been even more surprising has he been a member of my generation, rather than my parents’. Which is a sad commentary on modern society.

Maybe you’ve noticed what I’ve noticed: somewhere along the way, mothers and fathers stopped demanding that their sons behave like gentlemen. I guess we could also say that they stopped expecting daughters to behave like ladies.

Now, I consider myself a feminist. Equal pay for equal work. Equal consideration under the law. Etcetera, etcetera. But, I have no idea what was wrong with women and men treating each other politely. It’s a matter of respect, and the Feminist Movement sold ours to lowest bidder a generation ago.


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