Antici. . .

I haven’t talked about it much here, mostly because I didn’t want to jinx it. Stupid, I know.

On Saturday, February 7th, I took the LSAT. I had studied for over a month, with varying degrees of success. My mood vacillated between enthusiasm and despair. The real problem is a combination my own ridiculous desire for perfection and an excessive degree of self-criticism. God bless Handsome for putting up with me.

That weekend morning, I was anxious. No surprise there. My biggest fear was being the oldest person in the room, which was alleviated by a handful of others my age or older. And then there was the ice-breaker.

One perky pre-law student from UT thought we would all relax a little if we shared our names and majors. *snort* Ohhhkaaay. Had to be a cheerleader. Or a sorority sister. So cute.

Anyway, we proceeded to break the ice. There was the guy who planned to take the LSAT till he got a perfect score . . . because his dad was paying for it. There was the sick girl who ended up coughing through the exam. There was the dumb guy who had to ask how to fill in the little circles . . . below his name. One conspiracy theorist who believed the LSAT was a plot by the LSAC to sell study materials. And that other guy who didn’t realize you could study for the test and then proceeded to freak out. And, finally, the much older lady who sat in the wrong seat and delayed the exam for a half-hour, because the proctors decided to retrieve, recount, and re-distribute the exam folders in the proper order.

What a motley crew.

Five hours later, I felt surprisingly confident in my performance. And completely giddy at finishing it in good time – which is really the hardest part of the LSAT. I floated on a cloud for a couple days after it was over.

In any case, exam results are due later this week. I’m feeling a little anxious. Only a very little. At least, I haven’t thrown up. Yet.

Update: March 2, 2009. That’s the big day that test results are emailed. T minus five days and counting.

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