Of Sorrow and Sin

It’s almost as if there is a strain of Christianity that holds that sorrow is an aberration caused by a fault in its sufferer and therefore must be remedied. This fix usually involves . . . a remonstration to pray more and perhaps to read a spiritual book.
. . .
For many of us, the last mistake we want to make in that situation is to tell the wrong Christian friend how we really are, that we just feel beat up and forgotten and not at all where we thought we would be. In our darkest times, we just can’t bear the resulting lecture.
. . .
[I]f everyone around you is pretending like he’s happy and life is bliss then you’re inclined to pretend the same thing. Wouldn’t it be a shame if our churches were filled with far greater sorrow than we knew, only most of us were hiding it for fear of not fitting in?

-Tony Woodlief, Is Sorrow a Sin?

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