Navel Gazing

Tonight, I’m thinking that this blog is a massive effort of self indulgence. Well, maybe not massive.

I’m wondering whether blogs and Twitter and Facebook and everything else truly connects us to people (as the marketing gurus tell us) or if they are all just ways to feel like we are having relationships with others when we’re just looking for some strange, public confessional.

Do I really want to tell you about the girl I bullied in first grade, that time I slapped my sister, the overwhelming excitement of meeting my husband, random travel, dinner? Or do I just want someone, somewhere to acknowledge that I exist? That my experiences are not unique; my regret and remorse (for the bullying and abuse and so much more) are acknowledged and forgiven; my happiness shared.

Maybe, just maybe, this place is a poor excuse for what is really real. Maybe. Probably.

tap . . . tap . . . Is this thing on?


One thought on “Navel Gazing

  1. This thing is on.It is always on.You are on the right track here.Been thinking this much myself.Ready to throw out (only half kidding here) the computer and TV.Love you.

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