Tick, Tick, Ticking Away

Today is Ethan’s birthday. He was born 10 years ago (several weeks before his due date) and then, he spent the next few months in the NICU. He’s an adventurer, that one.

So, he takes the phone from his mom (so I can wish him a happy birthday) and I nearly didn’t recognize his voice. It’s a little lower, a little more self-aware. There’s a sense of knowledge and a little wisdom. We talk a while, and he’s eager to get back to a movie the family is watching.

I mention all this a little later to my dad. “Yup. He’s a boy, and he’s a young man.”

Me: “He’s grown ten years, and I haven’t aged at all. How did this happen?”

Dad: “No kidding. How d’you think I feel? My kids are older than me now.”


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