Begging Your Pardon

Please accept my apologies for the short and boring posting this week. Today is the last official day of the fiscal quarter, and I need every last unit to ship. Every last one.

Because it doesn’t count toward my quota unless those computers are loaded onto a boat or a plane or a delivery van or a little red wagon. So long as it goes.

The upside to this is that the end of the day in Asia comes a bit later than the end of the day stateside. Thank God for time zones.

Life in the Breakdown Lane

Stark Street starts down by the river, cuts through the center of the city, and runs straight to hell. Storefronts are grimy, decorated with gang graffiti and the accumulated grit of day-to-day life in the breakdown lane.

-Janet Evanovich, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

Of Sunburns and Horseplay

I spent an all too short weekend with family, in the sun and in the pool and just hanging out together. Saturday, we laid in the sun and baked to a golden brown (mostly) and later we played chicken in the pool and barbequed and talked and laughed and had more fun than we deserve.

And today, my back hurts from top to bottom from all the wrestling and goofing off with the kids and from not using enough sunscreen throughout the day.

So, yeah. My back hurts. And my back hurts.