T Minus 10 Days and Counting

I’ve got ten days to make $5 million. You read that right. Five. Million. Dollars.

That’s half a million a day, every day.

I’m already having those chewing gum dreams, and I’m expecting the T-Rex to show up by the middle of next week. Unless he gets drained by the vampire – the latest addition to a growing cast of anxiety-based characters who inhabit my sleeping mind.


3 thoughts on “T Minus 10 Days and Counting

  1. I can understand a T-Rex and a Vampire scaring me in my dreams but chewing gum? I would like to see what the person who intrupts dreams thinks it means. Mom

  2. It's more along the lines of having excessive amount of gum stuck in my teeth and along my gum line. Attempts to remove it are futile.Probably has more to do with being overwhelmed by a problem that seems to have no end – kinda like a sales goal.

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