Running the Marathon

There are days, like today, where just putting one foot in front of the other is all the motivation one can muster. I learned a long time ago that you can’t sit around and wait for motivation to show up. Nope.

Motion creates motivation. Just taking the first step, making the first sales call of the day, sending out the first quote, just getting my mind and body into the activity of this work gets the work done.

And just like running the marathon (which this totally is, by the way), once you make it past the first couple of miles, motivation shows up and you could run forever. Or at the very least, make it to the finish line.

Come on motivation! I’m working for ya!


3 thoughts on “Running the Marathon

  1. Hi KnightonGood luck on marathon training. I've run a few in my time; I run now for maintenance/fitness only.Since you're in Texas you might read running books of Jeff Galloway.Conrad

  2. HiI wonder how you manage to run at all between all those business flights:))As I've already said in reply to your 'Welcome' post in the "Finally, Something Useful" blog, podcast technology seems all the rage in the schools today. I know of poets who use it to get their work out there.I particularly appreciate the applications of this technology to school curriculum. You must do a lot of educational in-services across the States!Well done! I'll be dropping in on your "Finally…" blog for ideas I might use in my English classes. This is quite an educational resource.Thank you

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