Cooking in the Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Even when I’m not cooking, that’s were I hang out to surf the Internets or write about wine or stare out the back window at the doves in the cedar tree. But in the interest of honesty, I thought I’d share some of my more exciting kitchen adventures:

Exploding beverages. Like Perrier. We’ve also cleaned out the freezer with Diet Coke, which works exactly the same way.

Flaming kitchen linens. Including two potholders and a cup towel.

Cremated sauce pans. You would not believe the smell.

Watering the ivy on top of the refrigerator. And, consequently, the entire refrigerator. And the cat.

The broken faucet that sprayed water all over me, the backsplash, the window, the walls. And the cat.

Coffee pot overflowing its basket and spewing hot coffee and wet grounds over the counter top and floor.

Blender lid not firmly fixed in place, resulting in an artistic spattering of chocolate sauce.

I could tell you more horror stories, but we’ve all set off the smoke alarm and covered the microwave interior in marinara. What’s your most surprising kitchen misadventure? Go on, tell us. We won’t laugh. Much.


4 thoughts on “Cooking in the Kitchen

  1. didn't read the instructions on my brand new remote meat thermometer to know that you don't actually leave it in the oven. Resulted in goth-like sculpture of melted plastic and electronics. And I dropped a knife in a blender while it was whirring = shake on ceiling and broke the container.

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