Free Association

Today’s earworm brought to you by Jethro Tull. I think there must be some earworm union where they only accept the really annoying songs. Seriously. Have you ever had an earworm that you enjoyed?

* * * * *

Jumbo Shrimp. (Hysterical oxymoron there.) Jumbo Gulf Shrimp must be among the top five shellfish in the world, because the are so good. So good, until you have to devein them. And you wonder, what did this little guy eat the day he was caught? And then you try not to think about that anymore.

* * * * *

I’m driving slightly over the speed limit in the middle lane, so why are you riding my ass? I’m not going to hammer it because you’re in a hurry and 70 isn’t fast enough. BACK OFF!

* * * * *

I’m wearing my new favorite t-shirt today. It reads “Wicked Kitty Candy Co.” And I love it. It’s soft and comfy and festive.

* * * * *

I went out of my way last night to pick up coffee creamer for my desk, so I can enjoy the Starbucks with French Vanilla creamy goodness. Except I forgot it at home. Along with my allergy medicine. So, two things I need to make it through the day are at home – a forty minute round-trip from the office. Frak!

* * * * *

It really bothers me when people walk around the office barefoot. I think that’s just gross. (Actually, it IS gross. Because you know what’s on that floor? Dog poop people tracked in on the bottom of their shoes; rancid mud from the recent rains; bacteria and amoebas and disease. It’s disgusting. Try not to think about it. Just wear shoes!)

* * * * *

Happy Halloween! I’m really glad I’m not a Sunday School teacher, because their job this Sunday morning is going to totally suck. And if you have kids that are going to enjoy a massive pre-church sugar-high followed by the inevitable depressive let-down, keep them in the pew with you. Those nice Sunday School ladies don’t deserve the torture.

* * * * *

I think that’s everything that’s been on my mind this morning. Talk to ya’ll later!

One thought on “Free Association

  1. Relieve those allergies with some lemon juice, if you've got it on hand.I've been doing the master cleanse and am just amazed that my allergies are gone. Gone! Unless I cheat on my cleanse, then they come back with a vengence. Trying to stay on that cleanse. Good for the body.

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