Super Power: Invisibility

Dear Driver,

Your windows are not tinted. This means: I can see you. Inside your car. Picking your nose. Which is a nasty habit.

We both pulled into the same parking lot at work. I know who you are.

Passing you a tissue and some Purell,

Christmas Giveaway at Cinnamon Sticks Boutique

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Leah, you’ll love this one: Dad Tags

The Chasm

My sister is sad, distraught; I’m pretty sure it’s because of something I wrote. And from this side of the gap between us, I hurt too.

Perhaps she thinks I’m rejecting her foundational truth. Or worse, rejecting her.

Her unassailable faith casts me “heretic.” Does my acceptance of science cast her “ignorant?”

I should hope not – because she is intelligent and reasonable. But better, she is kind and generous and loving. She is I Corinthians 13 and Proverbs 31, combined.

But here I am, across a great divide, thinking she thinks the worst of me. That if I see the Bible as a book of faith; a plan for redemption; history, allegory, literature, and spiritual discipline combined; that should we disagree . . . that I am condemned.

Am I condemned in her eyes?

. . .

Quite possibly.

Day# 2685

Or 7 years, 4 months, 6 days.

And I’m thinking of this because a pal at work decided he’s had enough staring at grey cubicle walls. He’s out. Off into the wild blue yonder to become a helicopter pilot in Alaska, or Hawaii, or somewhere. Or not. Who knows. “It’s a great big world out there. What am I waiting for?”

Very good question.