Starting the Day off Weird*

A customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, wanted to know what kind of car I drive before sending in his purchase order.  He asked said question via a colleague.  Weird.  And creepy.

Listened to this awful song on the radio during my morning commute.  And the truly frightening mash up, skip to 1:45.  Fish + accordions = weird.

Facilities has decided to remodel our break-room during the last week of the fiscal quarter.  An entire building of salespeople are on caffeine withdrawal while high from paint fumes.  Total disaster.  But, TGI weird Friday.

I have never traveled time in a DeLorean. That would be weird and awesome!

And possibly the weirdest of all: watched a few minutes of House Bunny before bed, but woke up with Run to the Hills running through my brain.  WTH?

*I think this town is finally getting to me.  But, also, I love Austin.

Blue Skies Smiling At Me

Update: So, check out the alternate version of this shot, below.  The first image, above, used the Holga effect from the CameraBag iPhone App.  The one below, adds TiltShift Generator effects.  Wow, what a difference!  Yay for new toys!
Also, I’m still experimenting with photography and photo effects using my iPhone.  Look for more to come.

Recommended Reading: Drive by Daniel Pink

I’ve been listening to Dan Pink’s book about motivation for the past several days during my commute.  And I’ll just go ahead and admit that at times I was enthused but mostly, sadly, discouraged.  But it’s not that anything he’s written is in itself discourage, quite the contrary.

It’s the realization that most of the corporate world is weighed down with an inefficient, 19th century management style that is focused on external motivations that inadvertently destroy personal, internal motivation, to the detriment of the company as a whole.  And this bothers me – because I believe in what I do but am limited in how I do it by the increasingly micro-managed requirements on my time and performance.

And like most humans, I want to be free to determine how I live this life and do this work.  I WANT to do the work, but what I really want is for corporate leadership to give me the freedom to do it in a way that works best for me, rather than to be driven by daily statistics, “performance” goals that are limited to how much I do rather than what or how I do what I do.  The stick doesn’t make me want to work hard, folks; it makes me angry and rebellious, and it destroys the spark that makes this work a joy.

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