Outrageous and Disgusting


So if a multinational corporation is slowly poisoning its customers, it can contribute to a cancer foundation (which will gladly accept the money) to alleviate their non-existent conscience from any potential culpability to the illness and death of the aforementioned customers.

Because KFC is “sensitive” to the health concerns of their customers. Sure, they’re sensitive. They just don’t really give a damn if their food slowly destroys the health and well-being of the individuals who eat their garbage.

I did not realize that fast food chains were run by the tobacco industry. But I’m not surprised.

Adding a New Item to THE LIST

37. Upgrade my kitchen equipment. (2010: salt & pepper grinders, forged steel cutlery, heavy duty skillets)

Can I just say how much of a difference the new cutlery has made in my life? I cook almost daily, with all the slicing, dicing, and chopping that entails. And my old, cheap, Walmart knives just weren’t up to the rigors of my routine. So, I purchased this great set from Anolon.

I discovered Anolon knives on a trip to California, when we visited my delightful in-laws. I fell in love with the weight and balance of Sue’s set and immediately wanted some of my own. That was two or three years ago. And now I have them and could not be happier.

Out of my way world, I’ve got knives. Really sharp ones!

Chicken on the Drums*

Don’t panic.

That’s what I told myself all day as I waited in anticipation of the delivery of a set of wine red drums. Which my drum teacher would be helping me assemble and tune. And then play.

Don’t panic.

So, we set up the kit and got to work. But not before I admitted my anxiety, my perfectionist tendencies, and my serious fear of playing any kind of instrument in front of another human being. And also my crush on a world-renowned drummer, to whose skill I could never hope to aspire.

He thought that was ok and we got to work. And you know what? To my astonishment, it wasn’t bad or scary or intimidating. Well, maybe a little intimidating. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I ended the lesson with a huge ridiculous smile on my face.

Because that? That was a whole hell of a lot of fun. And if I hadn’t been playing for over an hour already, I’d practice a little more. I’m having a blast!

*Bonus points for catching the reference.