A (Mostly) Complete List of Jennifer’s Irrational Fears

Ice skating. I know I’ll fall down, and I think someone will unintentionally skate over my exposed fingers and cut them off.

Shopping carts behind me. I expect them to ram into the backs of my ankles and render me bloodied and bruised.

Snakes. This is actually a totally rational fear, sorta. It’s not rational to fear snakes in glass cages at the zoo.

Barefoot at the airport. Ring worm, bacteria, shards of glass, canine fecal matter, hypodermic needles, and God only knows what else. Actually, this fear makes total sense.

Large crowds. They press in on you, sucking up all the oxygen, and then they touch you – whether intential or not doesn’t matter. They bump into you. They yell in your one good ear. They spill their sticky beverage down your favorite dress. And then you have a full blown panic attack and might pass out.

Raw oysters. It’s a texture thing. Also, Guillaume-Barre.

A sinkful of dishwater. Gives me a gag reflex every time.


One thought on “A (Mostly) Complete List of Jennifer’s Irrational Fears

  1. Ha, ha. Ice Skating… Check.Shopping carts… Check.Snakes… Check.Barefoot at the airport? Ew!Large crowds… Sorta Check.Raw Oysters… Gag.Guillaume-Barre… I don't even know what that is.Sinkful of dishwater… Check.Hmmm…

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